Student Life

Community Engagement

Service to others was one of Groton School’s founding principles.
The school motto, Cui Servire est Regnare (for whom service is perfect freedom), has inspired students to serve their communities, the nation, and the world. In its original context, the motto referred to service to God, but the motto now broadly connotes service to all kinds of people and organizations.
At Groton, we believe service is part of responsible citizenship, a way to build community, and a part of every person’s life-long learning and purpose. We are committed to developing leaders who understand how connected our lives are and who recognize that service to others sustains the self and can help improve our collective future.

A few years ago, Groton Community Service became Groton Community Engagement. The name change was significant: it reflects Groton’s belief in working alongside others as equals, rather than “serving” as superiors.
Today, students participate in community days of service during the school year, and many choose community engagement as an afternoon activity. We work alongside our neighbors at nursing homes and animal shelters, in community gardens and playgrounds, at food banks, women’s shelters, and various other locations and organizations. In addition, every student serves the Groton community, particularly in Sixth Form, when students contribute as prefects in the dorms and in various departments. Groton’s program—through its opportunities and expectations—prepares students in their earlier years for this significant Sixth Form responsibility—and for a life of service.
Some alumni have built careers as public servants and political leaders. Many who do not serve the public or nonprofit sector consider service an important part of their lives, offering their time to a variety of worthwhile causes. For many graduates, this principled outlook took root at Groton School.

For more information, please contact Director of Community Engagement Elizabeth Phan.